The Gods Have Spoken, Kickstarting Now

The gods are spreading to 5E. Please take a look.


A Look at the Old Gods

The Old Gods are perfect for Druids and Rangers, and anyone who wants to follow wild gods steeped in the power of nature.


Travel Montages in 5E

Go far, have amazing adventures, all in a few minutes time.


Support Your FLGS

Now that we’re partnering with Indie Press Revolution (IPR), you can pick up Gods and Icons and the Gods and Icons Player’s Companion at your Friendly Local Game Store! A great way to support gaming and your community.

Which stores? Check here.

If they don’t have it in stock, ask them to¬†order it from IPR.


Free Wallpaper for your Computer Desktop

Get you Gods and Icons Wallpaper now.


New Kickstarter: The Gods Have Spoken!

Starting New Year’s Day for 5E.


Both Colors: Black AND White

Pick up Gods and Icons, and the Player’s Companion, in value-conscious black and white editions.


Adding Intrigue to Your Game

In our last campaign, players is they felt more connected to the world. What they did mattered. Specifically, they connected to the world through intrigue. Here are some ideas.


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Gods and Icons, 13th Age, Dread Unicorn Games
Art by JeShields

Games that challenge your players, Games that take you further, push the game beyond what you’ve come to expect. Games that go past Eleven.

Gods and Icons; Dread Unicorn Games; 13th AgeGods and Icons; Dread Unicorn Games; 13th Age

The latest Dread Unicorn release is Gods and Icons a supplement for the award winning 13th Age roleplaying game. Meet 28 new gods, new icons, talents, races, and magic items.


Gods and Icons is available now.