New Kickstarter: The Gods Have Spoken!

Starting New Year’s Day for 5E.


Both Colors: Black AND White

Pick up Gods and Icons, and the Player’s Companion, in value-conscious black and white editions.


Adding Intrigue to Your Game

In our last campaign, players is they felt more connected to the world. What they did mattered. Specifically, they connected to the world through intrigue. Here are some ideas.


Gods and Icons Review by the Redacted Files

“Overall, if you’re looking to make your campaign of 13th Age a little more expansive, I would highly recommend picking up Gods and Icons.”

“The gods aspect of Gods and Icons is particularly useful for me.”

“This supplement lists new items to give to your players based on Icon rolls. What’s really cool is they include tables that are divided up by class…”

This is a very in depth review by someone who knows 13th Age well. Read the whole review here.

The Redacted Files Review



Even though the holidays are a month away, we encourage you to purchase print books for the season as soon as possible. Once we get closer to the holidays, we cannot guarantee delivery due to the influx of orders that come through to our printing services.

Gods and Icons in Print!

The print versions of Gods and Icons and the Gods and Icons Player’s Companion are now available. We hope you enjoy them!


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Gods and Icons, 13th Age, Dread Unicorn Games
Art by JeShields

Games that challenge your players, Games that take you further, push the game beyond what you’ve come to expect. Games that go past Eleven.

Numenera; Adventure; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady
Cartography by Sparrow Buerer

The latest Dread Unicorn release is The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady a licensed adventure for the Numenera™ roleplaying game. Hang onto your minds and bodies, because secrets of Orb Mountain are about to be revealed!

Numenera; Adventure; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady
Art by Alysha Lach

The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady is available now.