Gods and Icons is Now for Sale!

Gods and Icons, the exciting 13th Age supplement, is for sale now on DriveThruRPG. Anyone purchasing the PDF before the print versions are available will be sent a discount coupon on DriveThruRPG for the print versions when they become available.

Dread Unicorn Games

Gods and Icons has three new pantheons of gods, thirteen new icons, pages and pages of suggestions for icon relationship rolls, new magic items, new player races, and more!

Cover-HD Headshot 800w

Hall of Fame for D&D?


image description

Layout Time for Gods and Icons

Layout can be fun. Mostly.

Ghost Lake Preview

Care for a swim? Ghost Lake Preview for Gods and Icons.

ghost lake

Lady Akuma is in the House!

Here’s another Gods and Icons art preview and some news on The Sun Below.


Stealing from Shannara Chronicles

MTV’s entry into fantasy is your opportunity to steal tropes.


Five Headed Dragon Queen

Ghiama art preview



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Gods and Icons, 13th Age, Dread Unicorn Games
Art by JeShields

Games that challenge your players, Games that take you further, push the game beyond what you’ve come to expect. Games that go past Eleven.

Numenera; Adventure; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady
Cartography by Sparrow Buerer

The latest Dread Unicorn release is The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady a licensed adventure for the Numenera™ roleplaying game. Hang onto your minds and bodies, because secrets of Orb Mountain are about to be revealed!

Numenera; Adventure; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady
Art by Alysha Lach

The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady is available now.

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