GM Excuses

WX-bannerOne of my favorite podcast for writers is Writing Excuses. This year, the 10th season, they are giving a master class on writing. WITH HOMEWORK!

I’m going to do the homework here, on my blog, but not the way the presenters intended. Instead, using my transmogrification ray, I’m going to make the homework not about writing a fiction piece, but about writing a roleplaying game adventure.

You can follow along, and see if any of these exercises helps you in making your adventures.

  1. Roleplaying Game Design Excuses
  2. I Have an Adventure Idea; What Do I Do Now?
  3. GM Excuses: Audition Your Lead NPC
  4. GM Excuses IV: What Do You Mean My Main NPC is Boring?
  5. GM Excuses V: Lovecraftian Horror
  6. GM Excuses VI: Win or Lose, Still Fun
  7. GM Excuses VII: So That’s What An Invisible Man Looks Like

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