Gods and Icons Review by the Redacted Files

“Overall, if you’re looking to make your campaign of 13th Age a little more expansive, I would highly recommend picking up Gods and Icons.”

“The gods aspect of Gods and Icons is particularly useful for me.”

“This supplement lists new items to give to your players based on Icon rolls. What’s really cool is they include tables that are divided up by class…”

This is a very in depth review by someone who knows 13th Age well. Read the whole review here.

The Redacted Files Review


Heavy Metal GM Review of Gods and Icons

Moving on to the actual content, all I can immediately say is , “Wow.”

Gods and Icons is a very relevant supplement…the flavor and overall setting of it is invaluable.

Let me just begin with saying that this is a MASSIVE supplement. There is so much information and so many resources that can be pulled from this, it’s incredible. The page count is 162 pages …

Read Sean Clark’s full review at the Heavy Metal GM: Review of Gods and Icons

GM Intrustions Podcast Reviews The Sun Below: City on the Edge

“Just as good as an official product — in some ways I think actually better.”

“Lots and lots of GM Intrusions…”

banner-gmintrusionsLex Starwalker reviews The Sun Below: City on the Edge in episode 73 of his awesome podcast GM Intrusions. The review starts at 31:39, but if you like the Cypher System, you’ll want to listen to the whole podcast, which starts with an interview with Matt Forbeck about the Shotguns and Sorcery kickstarter, a new licensed Cypher System rpg.

The Sun Below: City on the Edge – Review on Origins of a Dark God

John-Matthew DeFoggi’s review of The Sun Below: City on the Edge:

“Well worth the price.  The flexibility you get from this supplement is staggering.  The setting is weird and interesting, the adventure is flexible, and the creatures are inventive.  There is enough material here to continue to bring your characters to the world below even after the main adventure has been completed.”

Origins of a Dark God

Disclaimer: This PDF was graciously given to me by John Marvin for review. All opinions within the review are my own.

Thanks to the Monte Cook Games’ limited license, Cypher fans have been treated to a variety of third-party supplements.  It is no surprise to anyone following this blog that I am a fan of Ryan Chaddock Games’ products, as well as Numenera in general.  Metal Weave Games’ books (Ninth World Assassins & Naval Encounters) have been fantastic as well, setting the bar very high in my opinion for new Cypher supplements.  So when the call went out for reviewers for a new Numenera adventure, I jumped at the chance.
The Sun Below: City on the Edge – Review


The Sun Below is a 66-page supplement by Dread Unicorn Games, available for purchase at DrivethruRPG.com.  The first thing that stands out about this product is the formatting.  The thing looks

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Living for Crits Reviews The Sun Below: City on the Edge

James August Walls has reviewed The Sun Below: City on the Edge and is blogging about GMing the game in his amazing game blog Living for Crits.

“Let me say now, very clearly, that this… is… BRILLIANT!”

“The adventure shares a similar layout as the Numenera Corebook, with callouts  and pertinent information listed along the edges of the main text, which makes running this adventure very easy.  Frankly, if I didn’t know already that this was a third-party licensee, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”

Read the whole review, and an account of his first session playing the adventure, here.Living for Crits