One of these Heads is not like the Other!


Here’s a little art preview from Gods and Icons by Jeshields. Why does the dragon queen have an undead head wrapped in silver chains? There must be a story there…

This is Ghiama, whose name was protected by Iconic Namer Jenn of the North. She liked the preliminary name so much she protected it so it wouldn’t change. Hats off to Jenn of the North!


Gods and Icons Kickstarter Ends Well

All’s well that ends well!

And we began well too, funding in seven hours!

We’ll be posting updates on the Kickstarter Spotlight Page. Right now we’re recovering and making plans to deliver the product. We’ll be adding content for the 12 stretch goals and the 4 achievements that were unlocked by our backers.

Late Backers

For a limited time we’ll be accepting PayPal for late backers. Only backer levels up to Beyond Epic will be available. (No playtest, no naming items/icons, no hardcover copies, and no add-ons.)

Email if you are interested in being a late backer.