Gods and Icons in Stores

Now that we’re partnering with Indie Press Revolution (IPR), you can pick up Gods and Icons and the Gods and Icons Player’s Companion at your Friendly Local Game Store! A great way to support gaming and your community.

Which stores? Check here.

If they don’t have it in stock, ask them to order it from IPR.

Indie Press Revolution; Dread Unicorn Games

Gods and Icons, in a Value-Conscious Black and White Edition

Want to save those silver pieces and still get a print version of Gods and Icons and/or the Gods and Icons Player’s Companion? Now both titles are available in value-conscious black and white editions. That saves us money at the printer, and we pass those savings on to you.

It still looks great, and you can get the color PDF for free with your copy of the book.



The black and white interior also allows us to print in small quantities and still sell into game stores. More on this soon!


Get those Holiday Orders in!

Even though the holidays are a month away, we encourage you to purchase print books for the season as soon as possible. Once we get closer to the holidays, we cannot guarantee delivery due to the influx of orders that come through to our printing services.



For Players and GMs: Coming Soon!

13thagecompatible250For players we have Gods and Icons: Player’s Companion. This is the subset of Gods and Icons that targets players, read more here!

cc00_ne_fantasy_mutateddragonwithinsectparts_7-25x5-5_q_cnbFor GMs we have Tower in the Mists, and introductory 13th Age adventure that highlights all the cool content in Gods and Icons. Read all about it!