Tower in the Mist

Introductory 13th Age adventure with pre-generated characters showcasing how to use Gods and Icons. A great way to introduce new players to your game.

Players can pick a druid of the Old Gods, a fighter pledged to the Thirsty Gods, a Cleric of the Bright Gods, a pixie sorcerer, a goblin rogue, a ranger of the Old Gods, a paladin of the Thirsty Gods, or a barbarian with green gelatinous blood.

From a two-headed goblin, the PCs learn about the terrible mists and what that threatens the land. Can they solve the mystery of the Tower in the Mists, or will they become it’s next victims?

Plays easily in one session, gives your players a taste of both 13th Age and Gods and Icons.



Download Tower in the Mist Pregens.