The Gods Have Spoken

Dread Unicorn Games

Dread Unicorn Games - The Gods Have Spoken

Twenty-eight new fantasy gods arranged in three new Pantheons for your 5E game. Gods with passions, backstories, and agendas. So much more than a list of names and domains.

The people who followed the Old Gods was conquered by the those that followed the Thirsty Gods, who in turn were displaced by those following the Bright Gods. Yet all three pantheons still have followers, and coexist in an uneasy peace.

New domains and other character options that work with these new gods, some for everyone, and others focusing on clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers. And new magic items, new creatures, and more!

Plus, an exciting new faction system that gives players a voice as to which factions take a hand in your campaign.

By John WS Marvin and Vanessa Rose Phin

STATUS: Available Now!

Dread Unicorn Games

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The 13th Age Roleplaying game version of these same three pantheons can be found in Gods and Icons.