The Gods Have Spoken

Twenty eight new fantasy gods arranged in three new Pantheons for your 5E game. Gods with passions, backstories, and agendas. So much more than a list of names and domains.

Use just them, add them to your game, or use just the parts you like and add them to your existing gods.

Meet the Old Gods, including the Green Goddesses, now banished to the wild places, and the druids and elves who keep the faith.

Meet the Thirsty Gods, whose followers vanquished the Old Gods from the cities until they too where defeated by new conquerors. Yet many still follow them in human cities and dwarven halls.

Meet the Bright Gods, whose followers are now the rulers. They bring light to dark places and erect astounding cathedrals.

New domains and other character options that work with these new gods, some for everyone, and others focusing on clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers.

These are the same three pantheons you’ll find in Gods and Icons, developed for 5th Edition.

By John WS Marvin and Vanessa Rose Phin

STATUS: In Development, Kickstarting January 1st, 2017.