Sleeping Lady

The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady

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Numenera; Adventure; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; Cyper System
Art by Justin Wyatt

A banished power fights to return to the Ninth World.

A fallen moon of The Sun Below begins to stir.

The Knocker at the Door begins to awake.

A Numenera adventure for all tiers.

This stand alone adventure can be run as a sequel to The Sun Below: City on the Edge or on it’s own.

Available now in PDF, ePUB, and Print.

ePub comes free with the PDF.

Dread Unicorn Games

49 page adventure for all tiers, 16 page bestiary, new numenera, dozens of GM Intrusions, and player handouts.

Who is the Sleeping Lady? What’s in the numenera mines? What is knock, knock, knocking at the door? Hang onto your minds and bodies, because secrets of Orb Mountain are about to be revealed!

Previews: Sleeping Lady Layout, Just How Big of a Sleeping Lady?Art Preview IISynopsis Excerpt, Art Preview (Doug Scott), Sneak Preview

The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; Numenera; adventure; Dread Unicorn Games
Entering the Numenera Mines by Alysha Lach


The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady is also available as part of The Sun Below Bundle.

Dread Unicorn Games


Strange Encounters: “The most impressive element of this adventure is its scope.  I was stunned at the amount of material provided for such a low price.  The adventure weighs in at 76 pages with ample art.  The layout follows the MCG approach (with links to other elements of the adventure and key references to the Numenera core book where needed) and is clean and easy to read.  The page count is divided between approximately 50 pages of adventure material and 25 of new monsters, artifacts, etc.  This balance makes the book easy to use and adaptable even if you choose to modify the adventure itself.  There is a lot here for people who never plan to run pre-written material.  You can easily grab the new monsters, racial descriptors, etc.

“…There is an interesting mystery that drives the adventure with players having the opportunity to slowly uncover local mythology.  Most importantly, the adventure provides several alternative approaches to the story so that players can drive the narrative rather than ride the adventure’s railroad.”

Read the whole review here ->

The Redacted Files: “Sleeping Lady is a great campaign to pick up and run for your party, and is easy to use for the GM.

“One thing I think is great in this adventure is that they have it set up to run for characters of any level. Monster stats are modified by the level of the party, so that the GM doesn’t have to put a lot of work into sorting out altering the difficulty of an encounter themselves. There are also instructions on building up crowds of minions, called mooks here, to swarm up on your characters… I really like the way they developed this idea for Numenera and think it would be great to adapt to my own games.”

Read the whole review here  ->

DriveThruRPG Reviews: “My group had a great time in the adventure and an epic finish.

“The Sun Below is a great setting in a great game world and it meshes well with MCG’s established, official supplements. Sufficiently alien, but it doesn’t feel illogical and too great a leap to believe it exists in the Ninth World. Marvin brings enough weird, but leaves room for you to bring more — for me, as a GM, that’s important for Numenera. The encounters are scaled nicely, as well, with notes for lower and higher level characters’ abilities.” — Ethan H.

“I especially enjoyed the woven mythology and fantastic NPCs we encountered.” — Nicole B.


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