Gods and Icons


The Perfect 13th Age Roleplaying Game supplement for Your Game.

GaI Cover 300w
Gods and Icons (13th Age)

Twenty-eight new Gods, with suggested backgrounds for followers, paladins, clerics, and druids.

Three pantheons: the Bright Gods, the Thirsty Gods, and the Old Gods. Add these gods to your campaign or map their effects to your own gods.

Gods and Icons reveals how the servants of the gods lend support to the icons. A 5 or a 6 Icon Relationship roll may bring in all sorts of divine intervention.

Thirteen new icons. Use them or steal aspects and apply them to your own icons.

You can use this book with the core icons since the new icons are similar enough to just implement the boons and complications from Gods and Icons without changing your existing campaign. Yet they are different enough to feel fresh and give a new spin to a 13th Age Campaign that uses them. These are a perfect set of icons for a campaign rich in intrigue and mystery.

Never again find yourself stuck for a good Icon Relationship result. Pick from the tables or let the dice decide.

Better yet, let the dice inspire.

GM advice on tailoring the Icon Relationship result to the character.

Hundreds of Icon Relationship result suggestions.

Fifty-eight new magic items, including bardic instruments and rules for designing your own holy swords. Not to mention a dozen new potions and more.

Dhampir. A new playable race for a new icon of the undead. Plus seven more races for players.


by John WS Marvin, Vanessa Rose Phin, and Connor W Marvin


Let me just begin with saying that this is a MASSIVE supplement. There is so much information and so many resources that can be pulled from this, it’s incredible. The page count is 162 pages …

Moving on to the actual content, all I can immediately say is , “Wow.”

Gods and Icons is a very relevant supplement…the flavor and overall setting of it is invaluable.

–by Heavy Metal GM

Read Sean Clark’s full review at the Heavy Metal GM: Review of Gods and Icons

“Overall, if you’re looking to make your campaign of 13th Age a little more expansive, I would highly recommend picking up Gods and Icons.”

“The gods aspect of Gods and Icons is particularly useful for me.”

“This supplement lists new items to give to your players based on Icon rolls. What’s really cool is they include tables that are divided up by class…”

by the Redacted Files

This is a very in depth review by someone who knows 13th Age well. Read the whole review here.

The Redacted Files Review

Gods and Icons Kickstarter Page.

Previews: Game Master’s Journey Interview, The Gods Have Spoken: Deities and Domains, First Art, Example Boons, Kickstarter Video Production, Goddess Preview, Icon Preview, Holy Sword Preview, Dhampir Preview, Complication (5s) Preview.

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The 5E version of these same three pantheons can be found in The Gods Have Spoken.

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