Bonus Web Features: City on the Edge

Spoilers Ahead, GMs Only

Bonus Map: Work Pit 509

Work Pit 509 Map for The Sun Below: City on the Edge adventure for Numenera

Work Pit 509 Map

Getting Klaro into the Party

The adventure is more fun with Klaro, so if you have a male character whose player likes to run him as a lady’s man, throw a few explorer groupies at him before this adventure. Get him used to women throwing themselves at him. This way, Klaro will seem like just the next in a long line of women who can’t help but be smitten.

In playtests, GMs somehow found the right player, one who will go for a pretty face even if the rest of the party is telling them no. It added to everyone’s enjoyment, from the “We told you so.” To the “I can’t help it, that’s just how I roll.”

The Order of Truth and The Sun Below

For background on why the Order of Truth is so desperate to find a new way into world of The Sun Below, check out this lecture from Charis Kos, Aeon Priest. Part 1 and Part 2. Yes, the same Charis Kos who wrote on the walls of the prison cell.

Make it Yours

You can do anything you want with the adventure, you’re the GM. You can choose to change it, cut parts, add others. This adventure comes with a “customize at will” card. If you love a location, event, or creature that your players skip, that’s fine, make a note and reuse it in a future adventure. You could build your own adventure just out of things you like but didn’t get to use in the last couple of adventures you ran.

You can swap things around. Maybe you love Work Pit 509 as a location, but you want to put the dh’lann resistance there instead of the slithik. Do it.

Praithian Ruins from The Sun Below adventures for Numenera
Art by Reece Ambrose

Add buildings to Urbamorr. Add rooms to the King’s Tower and the Queen’s Tower. Got a creature or numenera you want to use? Use them in place of existing NPCs or just layer them on top.

Planting the Seeds

You can plant seeds for the Sun Below: City on the Edge adventure while the players are still immersed in the another one. Consider having Barid, Mishka, and/or Ellus show up before the start of this adventure. For example, Barid could meet the characters while he is still a free man, trapping in the mountains. Mishka could buy numenera from a character.

Use Existing NPCs and Organizations from Your Campaign

It’s easy to replace NPCs you find here with NPCs your characters have already encountered elsewhere. For example, do your player characters already have an Aeon Priest they have a solid relationship with? You could replace Mishka with your priest. Perhaps the kids are their children, or nieces and nephews.

Or do they have another patron they like to work for? You could replace the Order of Truth with whatever organization your players have a connection to, say the crown of Naverene. Mishka and Eullus could be agents of the crown, working to make sure Naverene controls any numenera found in the wake of the Iron Wind. Or replace Mishka and/or Ellus with NPCs already in use in your campaign.

An Example from James Walls’ Living for Crits

James Walls is blogging about his experiences with The Sun Below: City on the Edge, and he converts Mishka to Ennuan, an Aeon Priest who has history (and bad history at that) with one of the PCs. He also changes the setting south, since that’s where his campaign is set. Take a look.

Scroll down to after the review part and you’ll see what I mean.

Keep coming back to this page, there are more bonus features to come.

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