I’ll be going to GameStorm in Portland, March 30th – April 2nd. It’s a great con, so if you can go, stop by and say hi! I’ll be running some Tower in the Mist fun. Join in!

Tower in the Mist - 13th Age - Dread Unicorn Games

Dread Unicorn Games will be sold by the amazing folk at the Guardian Games table. Check out all the great games at Guardian Games!

Here’s my Tower in the Mist gaming schedule:

  • Thursday 7pm
  • Friday 11:30am
  • Friday 7pm
  • Saturday 7pm
  • Sunday 11:30am

Here’s my panels:

  • Thursday 4pm: Selling you game on DriveThruRPG and related sites.
  • Saturday 4pm: Gaming Design discussion: Layout and more
  • Sunday 10am: Inclusive Game Design


Edit: Inclusive Game Design has been canceled, so don’t look for it.




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