Holy Sword Preview

Holy sword preview, from Gods and Icons:


Weapon: Holy Sword of St. Cerni

St. Cerni was a martyr to one of the gods the character worships.

Always: Attack and damage when using this weapon: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

Optional: The saint was also the same race and gender as the character. In fact in tapestries and paintings, the saint looks exactly like the PC. As the campaign goes on, history is uncovered showing the character and the saint had the exact same tastes in food, art, romance, clothes, and anything else that can give a spooky link to the past. Are they the reincarnation of the saint?

The sword does extra damage to devils, demons, and undead. Adventurer: +1d6; Champion: +2d8; Epic: +4d10.

In the hands of a heroic paladin, the sword also has the power of protection:

Recharge 6+: When you make a basic attack with this weapon, gain a +4 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn (champion: +5; epic: +6).

In the hands of paladins who follow the way of evil bastards, the sword also has the power of being bloodthirsty:

When you crit with a natural 20 using this weapon, you deal crit damage instead of normal damage if you hit with this weapon again during your next turn.

Other saint names: Ali, Cainum, Celia, Deschutes, Gogglebog, Honeybuns, Silverius, Stark, Violet, Xena

Quirk: Laughs like a madman when facing devils, demons, or undead. Just like St. Cerni did just before she became a martyr.

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