Gods and Icons Kickstarter Launch March 15th!

Kickstarting March 15!

Cover-1 WebGods and Icons is about to go live.
Compatible with the 13th Age Roleplaying Game and d20, Gods and Icons will help connect your players to your world through the use of icons.

An exciting 13th Age Roleplaying Game supplement. 28 new gods and 13 new icons, use them all or steal what you want for your own. 24 new True Magic and 6 new Potions. Never again find yourself stuck for a good Icon Relationship result, we’ve got hundreds! Pick from the tables or let the dice decide.

Or better yet, let the dice suggest.

Queen Tanadil

13th Age and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Fire Opal Media Inc., and are used under license. See 13thAge.com for more information on the 13th Age Roleplaying Game. The 13th Age Roleplaying game is published under exclusive license to Pelgrane Press Ltd.

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