Sale Ends Leap Day and Kiss of Death for Numenera

A little Numenera love before the Gods and Icons Kickstarter eats my soul.

Slithik from The Sun Below adventures for Numenera; Dread Unicorn Games40% Off, Sale Ends Leapday

The post-valentine’s day sale is ending soon. The PDF versions of The Sun Below: City on the Edge and The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady are still 40% off for the rest of February.


Kiss of Death

Numenera in Space! Into the Night from Monte Cook Games is an inspiring setting book that teleports the game into space. I wrote an instant adventure set in one of those space worlds, Kiss of Death.

Liskal the AI needs a mind-gem from Zalkezia of Branu’s Kiss. Liskal tells the PCs that Zalkezia will spit the gem out after leaving the Kiss. They must grasp the gem to be teleported home.

Look for the upcoming release of CypherCaster Issue 5, which will include Kiss of Death. This adventure is set in in the watery worldlet of Branu’s Kiss from Into the Night.

CypherCaster magazine can be found at CypherCaster 5 should be out in mid March.

Speaking of CypherCaster magazine, check out the bundle for issues 1 – 4.

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