John WS Marvin Interview Part II

Game Master's Journey Interview with John WS MarvinLex Starwalker, of Game Master Journey podcast fame, released the second half of his interview with me. We talk about Instant Adventures (here’s my Part I and Part II) and other support for improv adventures, Gods and Icons for 13th Age, intrigue in 13th Age, The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady, and more. Give it a listen.

You can hear part one of the interview here, where we talk about montages, fronts, and The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady.

Major Hobnobbing on Game Master’s Journey

Game Master's Journey Interview with John WS MarvinLex Starwalker and I chew the fat on his most excellent podcast: Game Master’s Journey. Give it a listen!

We talk about  Numenera, The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady, The Sun Below: City on the Edge, (electronic versions of both are on sale now for 40% off!!!) 13th Age Organized Play, how the run an RPG Montage, using Fronts in your own adventures (and fronts in The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady), and more.

And this is just part one of a two part podcast!

Sleeping Lady Extras: Horror Mode

As promised, the third extra for The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady is up, and it’s all about using Horror Mode during the adventure. If you want to get your Horror Mode on from the Cypher System book while running Sleeping Lady, check it out. (GM’s only, spoilers for players.)

Dread Unicorn Games; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; Numenera adventure

What’s Horror Mode? It’s the tabletop rpg equivalent of the spooky music ramping up in a horror movie. Read about it here.