PDF Poll Followup: What format is best for you?

The standard format (Wizards of the Coast, Monte Cook Games, Pelgrane Press, …) is portrait orientation with two columns. IMHO, this is great for print. But what about when viewing on your laptop/tablet/neural implant?



3 thoughts on “PDF Poll Followup: What format is best for you?

  1. The problem with landscape 2-column in almost all digital formats is that you have to scroll up/down to read the layout depending on your screen resolution. This is incredibly frustrating when scanning a page and adds a minimum of 3-4 unnecessary user interactions per “view” (not page, what you’re seeing on the screen). All digital, IMHO, should be 1 column, with great typography, bookmarks, and search. All the other design stuff for print gets pretty superfluous quickly. With digital its imperative to think about the 20th read, not the “first impression.”

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    1. Thanks Leslie! I love the 1 column portrait layout of FATE Accelerated, but it’s not letter paper size. So many interesting ideas. In comments over on G+ land, I have people asking for landscape 1 column. Another wanted landscape 4 column. Yet a plurality (at last count) prefers 2 column portrait. Not that my sample size is big enough to be positive.

      All this is for me to ponder for future products. The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady will be 2 column portrait. It takes me 3-4 weeks to do layout.


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