Sleeping Lady, In Layout (Spoiler)

Spoiler Alert! GMs Only!

The current status of The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady is “In Layout.” What the heck does In Layout mean, anyway? Well, it means this:

Numenera: The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; Dread Unicorn GamesHere is the work in progress. If this picture goes there, this text must follow with it. Oops, I inserted some text, and now the picture is on the wrong page. And don’t ask about those callouts on the sides of the pages…

One more screen capture:

Numenera; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; Layout

I enjoy layout, but I’m ready for it to be over. Once I get the PDF download laid out, then I get to re-layout the product for print. Yay!

4 thoughts on “Sleeping Lady, In Layout (Spoiler)

  1. Definitely looking forward to this! As an aside, have you considered publishing a single column digest size PDF or as an ePub? The full size two column format is a bit tough to read on tablets.


      1. Sure! Fate, both core and accelerated, are single column digest sized. The Fate worlds books are as well. Savage Worlds is two column, but digest sized, so a full page is about the same size as an iPad and the text is the same size as the printed version.

        The Engine Publishing guide books (campaign management, improv, etc.) are all ePubs so the text reflows as needed depending on font size. They don’t have much in the way of graphics though.

        But don’t take my word for it. Fate Accelerated is maybe five bucks. Try reading that on a tablet and then go back to an 8.5*11 page shrunk down to fit. You’ll wish everything was produced that size.


      2. Thanks! The train has left the station on this layout (it’s a lot of work), but we’ll be thinking about our iPad users and layout going forward. If you don’t mind me picking your brain offline, send me an email at john at dreadunicorngames dot com.


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