PDF Poll Followup: What format is best for you?

The standard format (Wizards of the Coast, Monte Cook Games, Pelgrane Press, …) is portrait orientation with two columns. IMHO, this is great for print. But what about when viewing on your laptop/tablet/neural implant?



Poll: How do you use rpg PDFs?

If you use a tablet, laptop, or both, the next poll asks how do you like your rpg material formatted?

Sleeping Lady, In Layout (Spoiler)

Spoiler Alert! GMs Only!

The current status of The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady is “In Layout.” What the heck does In Layout mean, anyway? Well, it means this:

Numenera: The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; Dread Unicorn GamesHere is the work in progress. If this picture goes there, this text must follow with it. Oops, I inserted some text, and now the picture is on the wrong page. And don’t ask about those callouts on the sides of the pages…

One more screen capture:

Numenera; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; Layout

I enjoy layout, but I’m ready for it to be over. Once I get the PDF download laid out, then I get to re-layout the product for print. Yay!

Just how big of a Sleeping Lady?

First of all, I want to say Dread Unicorn fans are the best fans in the world. Thank you for making this so enjoyable!

Today I got some email from a fan in Greece, which is very exciting to me in my townhouse in Bend, Oregon.

Apos wanted to know about The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady. When I told him it’s in layout right now, he asked, “How many pages?”

I don’t know yet, but it’s big. I only poured it into InDesign last night, and with no images and not much formatting, it’s 48 pages. The Sun Below: City on the Edge came in at 60 pages once it was laid out. And since City on the Edge had 37k words, and Sleeping Lady has 45k words, I’m pretty darned sure we’re looking at a 70ish page book.

But we’ll see.

To tide you over, here’s a scene by the amazing Justin Wyatt.

Dread Unicorn Games; Numenera; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; RPG; Adventure
Data Demons Attack, by Justin Wyatt