Sneak Preview: The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady

Like The Sun Below: City on the Edge, The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady is another adventure for Numenera. They are both set far below the surface of the Ninth World in the world of The Sun Below.  Like City on the Edge, Sleeping Lady is an adventure for all tiers of characters, contains plenty of new creatures and numenera, and devilish plot twists to keep your players guessing.

Floater from The Sun Below adventures for Numenera
Art by Justin Wyatt

Sleeping Lady is a great sequel to City on the Edge, but can be run standalone or even prior to City on the Edge. It begins with machines going mad in a town of blood-sucking green slime creatures. These creatures, slithiks, will pay handsomely if the madness of the machines can be stopped. From there the players are thrust into the mysteries of the numenera mines, underground ruins stuffed with weird echos of past ages.

Two disasters in the making confront your players. Can they save the town of the slithiks from being torn apart? Can they stop an ancient evil from entering their world? Can your players handle both crises? Or even one?

Includes two new descriptors: Slithik and Gibbering, and a new focus: Burns Blood.

Get ready for minds to shatter when your players enter the numenera mines of Orb Mountain and find the secrets of the Sleeping Lady.

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