Fun in Phandalin

I’m still in boxes from my recent home move, but took the time to play in a roll20 5E game. Like pretty much every rpg game I’ve played, we had the most fun roleplaying. The combat had tactical interest, but the banter and imagination of the roleplay segments were great.

Fun In PhandalinI’m the idiot on the right.

It’s one thing to play a D&D Cleric. It’s another to have 2 heal spells and then have to rest for 8 hours. First level is a bit too old school for me.

If you want to see the unedited* recordings from Starwalker Studio, go here: It’s D&D Lost Mine of Phandelver. Part I starts at 13:15.

If watching someone else play doesn’t do it for you, I understand. It’s way more fun to play than watch. For those who like to watch, enjoy!

*Not picking on Starwalker Studios here, just setting expectations. Almost all Actual Play recordings are unedited. Editing is a ton of work, and no one is paying for these.

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